Friday, September 5, 2014

Electronic Security Door Key Circuit Diagram

A different Electronic Security Door Key Circuit Diagram of electronic lock very simple, one and does not need a lot of materials in order to it is manufactured. The right keys of code should be stepped with the right line, so that is activated the optocupler IC2. If from error is stepped switch that does not belong in the combination, then the lock is trapped. In order to we restore the regular operation of lock, it should we press switches S1 or S12. 

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 Electronic Security Door Key Circuit Diagram

Electronic Security Door Key Circuit Diagram

Switch S1 makes Reset of lock externally and the S12 internally, the door. The Code the circuit as he is connected it is 147 and it can change, very easily, changing the connections in the switches of keyboard. The optocupler IC2, can drive any exterior circuit as Relay etc, ensuring simultaneously electric isolation the two circuits. The circuit can be also supplied from a battery 9V.

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Part List

    R6 =10Kohm
    R9 =47Kohm
    IC1 = 4066
    IC2 =4N25
    S1...11=Push button sw or keyboard
    S12=Push button normal closed
    All resistors is 1/4W 5%