Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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Some cell phone jammer have the built in cooling mechanism

Some cell phone jammer do not own the cooling function or cooling mechanism.
Domestic brand mobile phone companies do not have the core technology, the development of the control of others. The key components needed for the production of the domestic mobile phone baseband chip, RF chip and the underlying software are largely controlled by foreign companies. CDMA mobile phones due to lack of core technology, currently only take a "market for technology" Sino-foreign cooperative way, the development is fully controlled by others. Insufficient international marketing and export capacity is not strong. Domestic brand mobile phone, although in recent years has developed rapidly, but the products are mainly sold in the country, the vast majority did not go to foreign markets. These issues have become important issues constraining the development of the industry urgently to be addressed. Strategic Analysis of Japanese and Korean mobile phone manufacturer. Some cell phone jammer have the built-in cooling mechanism.
Domestic mobile phone manufacturers in the fashion of the prominent mobile phone design personalized features, price triggered a round of Diving Emergency perspective of Japanese and Korean mobile phone market strategy, we can say, not without reference to the domestic mobile phone manufacturers. Beijing in the enterprise market research study shows that personalized products lead the fashion to become the holy grail of Japanese and Korean manufacturers, especially MMS, color screen and camera phones. Made mobile phones to launch a rapid offensive in the price for the Pioneer, and triggered a collective "diving" of the mobile phone market, some foreign brands face the surging wave of price cuts had to fight with shine, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, NEC, Kyocera many days, the Korean brand in the Chinese market, has recently been the bright spot, have to be very impressive. Some cell phone jammer has the cooling fan.
Japanese and Korean mobile phone the way to win. European and American firms long-term leading the consumption trend of Chinas mobile phone market, so they bring in every shape design innovations have attracted many consumers to follow and favor. In fact, Japan and South Korea series of brand mobile phones in innovative design and personalized applications on the Ling-hui, to some extent higher than the European and American firms, just because they did not occupy the mainstream market, coupled with some manufacturers are not synchronized in China to promote the newly developed products , so can not give full play to their advantage. Faced with the enormous pressure of the American and European brands and domestic brands powerful offensive. Some cell phone jammer have some special cooling design.Japanese and Korean brand mobile phone manufacturers are not willing to supplement, the only market to continue to increase efforts to research and development of new products and push the new speed, began to clash with European and American brands. At the same time, Samsung also introduced a built-in rotating camera phone products to the China market.

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