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6 Channel LED Driver Using MCP34845

A very simple 6 channel low cost led driver electronic circuit project can be designed using the MCP34845 LED drivers manufactured by Free scale Semiconductor.The MCP34845 LED drivers operates from 5 to 21 volts and is specially designed for use in back lighting LCD displays from 10" to 17"+ for devices like : PC Notebooks , Net books , Picture Frames , Portable DVD Players , Small Screen Televisions , Industrial Displays , Medical Displays , etc.

6 Channel LED Driver Circuit Diagram

MCP34845 6 Channel LED Driver

The MCP34845 LED drivers is capable of driving up to 16 LEDs in series in 6 separate strings.PWM dimming is performed by applying a PWM input signal to the PWM pin which modulates the LED channels directly.Main features of this driver circuit project are : input voltage of 5.0 to 21 V , boost output voltage up to 60 V, 2.0 A integrated boost FET , fixed boost frequency - 600 kHz or 1.2 MHz , OTP, OCP, UVLO fault detection , LED short/open protection , programmable LED current between 3.0 mA and 30 mA .

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